Revel Systems is an iPad-based point of sale company, based in San Francisco, CA. Their POS system is tailored to a variety of verticals, but is especially geared towards quick-service establishments. Below are a handful of blog posts I created to announce new products, educate customers about new features, generate traffic to the website, and raise brand awareness.

Doing Pizza Justice


The Just Crust Pizzeria, located in Cambridge, MA, offers delicious, thin crust pizza with a side of social change.  Try one of their seasonal pizzas, such as the Basilico with house made, fresh basil pesto and topped with local ricotta. You’ll note the use of fresh, local ingredients both in terms of tastiness and how it coincides with the increasingly popular sustainable food movement. What you may not realize right away, however, is that your pizza was made and served by a truly happy employee, in fact a partial owner in The Just Crust.

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Diners can feel good about what they’re eating, not only because ingredients are fresh and locally sourced but also because The Just Crust has a firm grasp of fair labor practices. The pizzeria treats employees well, paying living wages, and offering full-time employees a partnership in the company.

Mobile Discovery


People place all their trust in their mobile devices–they check their phones for the weather, rather than looking outside. Instead of checking the AM radio traffic station, they will consult Google Maps to determine their commute time. Mobile devices even inform an individual’s dining decisions–hungry patrons unfamiliar with the neighborhood will consult their Yelp app to see what’s good nearby.

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Be social:  Posting daily specials on Facebook and Twitter–along with photos–will build engagement and spread the word about your business. Those doing location-based searches on Facebook will see your restaurant, and accompanying photos will assure the potential patron that your restaurant is providing delicious dishes.

Cupcakes & Technology


In a story covered by KRON 4 News, Cako Bakery of San Francisco, CA is using innovative new ways to share the joy of cupcakes.

Cako has developed a way of knowing their customers as soon as they walk in the door, and have created a personalized buying experience. By tracking customer buying habits–much like Amazon–Cako is able to tailor their offerings to the individual customer.

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Cako’s mobile app, developed by Index and integrated into the Revel POS, greets customers as they walk in the door with a welcome message. The app can then recommend them treats based on past purchases, and offers them special, customized deals based on their buying habits. As Marc Freed-Finnegan of Index notes, it’s like customers are being “logged into the physical store,” much like an online shopping experience.