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8 Mar 2014

Everyday carry

This is my first blog post for my brand new website, so it seemed only natural that it would touch on the site itself, and that process. Representing yourself is no easy feat, and in this social media-induced age that comes to mean your digital self--how others see you on the Internet. Although this website’s initial purpose served as a place for my portfolio, it’s also a way for me to represent myself online. Without

8 Aug 2014

Cryptocurrencies & the point of sale

I wrote this blog post back in March 2014, and for one reason or another it never got published. So I'm publishing it here. Cryptocurrency & the point of sale As a business owner, it’s important for you to take into account your customers’ preference for payments. Offering a credit card option, as opposed to being cash-only, expands your customer base and your opportunity to sell your wares. What if, however, you offered more than