Fastly helps the world’s most popular digital businesses keep pace with their customer expectations by delivering fast, secure, and scalable online experiences. Businesses trust Fastly’s edge cloud platform to accelerate the pace of technical innovation, mitigate evolving threats, and scale on demand. Founded in 2011, Fastly powers online destinations including Airbnb, GitHub, Alaska Airlines, Pinterest, Vimeo, The Guardian, The New York Times, and Ticketmaster.

The Drupal Association


“Fastly is a perfect fit for an organization like the Drupal Association: it’s open source-friendly, built on Varnish, and offers a great distribution network with a great set of distributed POPs. Because we have a global community, we need to have a fast global reach, and services like Fastly make that doable.”

— Joshua Mitchell, CTO
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“It’s amazing that we can make virtually whatever change we want in under a minute. With other CDNs, it would take days. This was a huge deal for us.”

— Peter McArthur, VP of Backend Engineering
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“The time to load the Checkout form on Stripe dropped 80% by rolling out Fastly. For someone on a slow mobile connection, that’s the difference between an abysmal experience and a good one. The ways people use Stripe vary, but customer satisfaction across all of those cases is much higher when performance is substantially better.”

— Marc Hedlund, VP of Engineering
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Fast Company


“The ability to update in real time should be a standard for all media sites — nowadays, everything is so fast, and readers need content to be delivered in real time. No one wants to wait. If you’re a media company and not using a modern CDN, you’re not providing the best experience for your readers. Fastly definitely gives us that competitive edge.”

— Harry Guillermo, Senior Developer
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